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With Christy Metals, our combination of experience and equipment in the pre-processing stage makes a critical difference for your metal configuration and finishing jobs. We offer a range of extensive in-house services, as well as excellent sourcing capabilities for specialty treatments. These enable Christy Metals to be flexible and responsive to your requirements. With a large year-round inventory, our own local truck fleets, and with custom stocking programs available, we easily handle jobs of virtually all sizes and timetables. Not only that, but we exceed your expectations through reduced production time, fewer setups, fewer changeovers, and cost efficiency.

With Christy Metals, you can feel confident that you are receiving best-in-class services at a fair and reasonable price. Our team of experts provides a comprehensive set of services that will not only meet, but completely exceed your expectations.

Traverse Winding:
Our capabilities include single-strand traverse winding on wooden reels of up to 1,000 lbs. each. Precision welds maintain required gauge and width tolerances required by our customers.

The combination of our multiple slitting lines provides a wide range of gauge and width capabilities. Temper will determine maximum gauges, widths, inside and outside diameters. Cardboard cores, wood or fiber spacers and customized skids are all available on request.

The ability to produce custom size sheets and strips simplifies handling and minimizes scrap. Christy Metals can slit coil to your specified width, then cut to your specified length.

Christy Metals is widely known for specialty plating in a variety of thicknesses, including commercial coat. Continuous 100% Hot Dip Tinning and 60/40 Solder Coating are available. A broad range of gauges and widths can be accommodated, and Electro Plating is offered in either bright or matte finishes to suit your needs.

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